Online Poker Games – Assimilate How To Control The Tables

In almost all publications devoted to the game, the authors say that the goal of poker is to achieve maximum winnings. Of course, everyone loves to win, and if the number of chips won increases along with fame, the taste of victory is doubly pleasant. But this fact is motivating not for every player. What other reasons for the popularity of poker exist besides winning, and what makes gamers want to play?

There are five psycho types of poker players with their own motivation and reason to love the game:

People who perceive the game as entertainment. They only play because they like to do it. Most often, such gamers make small bets, although there are exceptions. Oddly enough, the majority (65-75 percent) belong to this type of poker players. These players sit at the game table to have a good time at their favorite game, and not at all for the sake of winning. For the most part, such participants in poker battles lose, but sometimes luck turns to face them. Losing does not upset them and does not lead to depression. The moral satisfaction received at the gaming table for a gamer is comparable to the pleasure of a chic lunch in an expensive restaurant you must pay for both pleasures.

People who accept poker as entertainment, but do not exclude the moment of competition. These are larger players who understand that poker is a serious job and in order to get results, you need to learn and make efforts. Enrichment through fun is important to them, but is not a primary goal. Triumph amuses their pride, they like the realization of superiority over rivals. Usually the size of the bets of these players starts with small, and ends with very decent. Defeats do not matter to them, as such people value the experience gained during the match. Such gamers, in the total number of 15-20 percent.

People who are interested in the financial side of the issue and trying to earn extra money on the game. Before the start of the match, they set a goal to win. Realizing that fortune will not stand on their side just like that, they study poker literature, improve tactics and strategies, analyze their results and rivals’ results, look for weak tables, etc. Usually, such gamers have a permanent job, and perceive how source of additional income. This category includes 4-6 percent of players.

Professional gamers. These are people sitting at the table for the sake of winning and they manage to make good money on poker. Such participants take seriously the study of all the subtleties and strategic capabilities of the game. At the table they behave relaxed, but believe me, this is just a mask. Behind ostentatious amusement hides concentration and concentration on the duel. This type includes 3-4% of poker enthusiasts.

Professionals living exclusively in the game. They are only 1-2 percent. For them, poker is everything: entertainment, hobbies, work. If they do not win, they will not be able to pay the bills. They perceive the game as a difficult path to a cloudless existence.



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